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Are you looking into what pole buildings Idaho will fit your needs? Read on to get the details behind every type of building style.

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Welcome to Pole Barns Boise! Boise pole barns are reliable and reasonable with pricing. Have you heard how simple it is to do one of our pole building kits Boise? You will get to experience this yourself.

We have many metal barn builders that can do the hard labor for you. If you are ready to do it on your own then our pole barn kits Idaho is one way you can build on your own.

About Pole Barns Boise

What is most important to you when choosing a company to work with? Is it their experience, their motivation, efficiency, or something else?

Lucky for you, you get all the above while working with us. We have done this work for many years. It is our goal to fulfill the needs of all our customers and this is our number one motivation as a company.

We are very efficient when building metal garages, and every other type of building. We are very precise in our measurements. We make sure every wall and post are put together in a precise and exact manner.

Our goal is to build you a home with a solid foundation and with great integrity. We do the best job at evaluating our work and the experience we give our customers. We love feedback and value our customers’ opinions.

We take the time we need to get to know what we can do to better your experience. It is our mission as a company to uphold our values. It is our number one priority to give you the experience you deserve.

We walk through your building with you at the end to make sure you are satisfied with the way your building looks and feels.

Why Choose Us?

Why should you choose our builders to build your Boise pole barns or metal buildings Boise? Here are some of the many reasons:

  • We have built pole building homes for many years
  • We have a great variety of building options
  • We walk you through the process and do not leave it all up to you to figure out
  • We have the credentials, licensing, and more that we need

At Pole Barns Boise we provide the most beautiful and complete buildings, steel shops, and horse barns. Our customers love and take full advantage of our diversity in what we offer.

We get the blueprints all ready for you before you start building. This comes with pre-made kits. We can customize your structure for pole barns Idaho or other forms of buildings. We can do whatever you want to customize it.

We work with the best designers to get you a plan that both esthetically looks pleasing and is firm in the foundation. This is especially necessary when building a pole barn with living quarters as it is your permanent house.

Call us today to talk to “shop builders near me”. We will get you in the books. We will get you on the schedule for a free consultation.

We are the best in the area because we offer:

Ability to get their building up quickly

The technology we have so they can see what their building will look like beforehand

The knowledge we have on each type of building and material

The reviews we have that prove our credibility

What To Expect

You are going to see the amazing abilities we have in project management. We take care of our customers throughout every step of the process. We help you decide what you want to do whether that be a kit or use one of our builders. We work in a very organized and time-efficient way.

We offer free consultations for you. This will help you to decide what direction you are leaning for your building. We have made the process very simple for you. You will meet with one of our pole barn builders who will have the information you need.

boise pole buildings & metal buildings

If you are looking into a pole barn with loft and are unsure about the logistics, that is what we are here for. We take needed measurements. We put together an estimate for what your pole building cost will look like.

This will look very detailed. Your estimate will have the ins and outs of the pole barn cost leaving nothing out. We make sure to not have any unknown charges come at the end of the building process.

We take care of everything for your pole buildings or pole barn. We schedule the package delivery and prepare what needs to be prepared. This is how we get your property construction ready.

Our Services

There are so many different types of pole buildings you can build or have built for you then you may know. There are barns, buildings for commercial or residential, and so much more. Read on below to learn about each different type of building. Learn what we can do for you.

boise residential pole barn

Residential Pole Buildings

These types of homes are a great way to build a very nice looking, sturdy, less expensive home. There are many different styles to choose from that you can do for a residential building. These are very easy to insulate and work with. They are the fastest to build rather than using wood and doing a traditional house.

boise metal buildings

Commercial Pole Buildings

Commercial pole buildings a lot of times are used to store a ton of large equipment. They are also used to store a lot of material for large businesses. Commercial buildings have many uses and can come in many shapes and sizes.

boise shop builders

Garages, Shops, And Barns

Shops are a wonderful and convenient place to work on a hobby, store tools for a career, or have somewhere to store your boat, RV, or other fun things. They can be made to the specifications that you need. Barns as well can come with different types of openings rather than the typical garage door. We can put barn doors that do an effective job in keeping your animals safe from the weather.

boise metal carports

Metal Carports

Carports are an eco-friendly way to build a storage space for your cars or other vehicles. We are happy to create a design for your metal carport for the amount of space you need. We can do carports for more than three cars even, which will give you a lot of storage space.

boise shop with living quarters

Shop With Living Quarters

A shop with living quarters is a great way to maximize your space by consolidating all the space that you have. This is the optimal way for you to get your shop and your living area all in one. These give you a great close comfortable way for you to work on your cars, tools, or have a workshop for a business right within your home.

boise pole barn homes

Pole Barn Homes

These homes range in cost but are often less expensive than building a custom home on your property. There are many designs that you get to choose from so you still have the ability to control what your home looks and feels like. You will live in your new pole barn home much faster than you would live in a custom build.

boise barndominium

Barndominiums/ Shomes

These types of homes have a great advantage over other types of homes. They are very durable and have great protection from the elements around. They are very sturdy and do not deform over time.

boise pole building kits and pole barn kits

DIY Pole Building Kits

When we talk about kits there is more than just pole barn kits Boise. There are kits for horse barns, barn homes, cabins, garages, shops, and many more. These kits do not leave the building up to you. They have the instructions and the materials all there for you.

Contact us today for a free pole building quote!

About Boise Idaho

Boise Idaho is a very well-loved city by those who live here. With a population of 229,000 in Boise, it makes it the largest city in the state of Idaho. Boise is the home to Boise State University where there are always fun activities and events.

In Downtown Boise we have many small businesses and local restaurants. Our nightlife is very active. The Boise zoo is a large tourist area. It brings much to our economy as well as our large company headquarters we have here.

We get four distinct seasons and take full advantage of each time of year. Boise loves music. It is very fun to walk around the farmers market with the music in the background.

  • Meridian, ID
  • Nampa, ID
  • Caldwell, ID
  • Eagle, ID
  • Kuna, ID
  • Garden City, ID
  • Star, ID
  • Middleton, ID
  • Horseshoe Bend, ID
  • Many other surrounding areas

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all “pole building contractors near me” build the same thing?

In a general sense yes. There may be small ways in which builders do things differently. This is why you will want to get a good idea of how your builder works before you decide to go through with that builder.

How do I find “pole barn builders near me” for my job?

Here is a great place to find a builder for your pole building. We have a great set of builders to do your job. It is a great idea to have a consultation and get a good idea of if you would like to work with them or not. You can always ask a trusted friend or family member for referrals for a great builder.

How much do pole buildings near me cost?

Pole buildings range in a great way with their cost. This is all dependant on if you are building something as small as a garage pole building, or as large as a commercial pole building. If you would like a more clear idea of what yours will cost, give us a call.

How is a barn pole house different than a traditional house?

A pole house is built on the foundation of the large poles much like telephone poles. A traditional house is built from the foundation of the walls. With a traditional home, you have load-bearing walls. With a pole house, there is no load-bearing walls as the weight it all evenly spread and put on the poles.

Can a pole barn with living quarters be as big as you want?

Yes. There are barns with living quarters that are already in kits where you can choose which size you want from the kit. You also have the option to custom build your barn with living quarters to make it better fit the size that you are wanting.

Customer Testimonials

The price we paid for our pole building contractors to build ours was well worth the money. The pole building prices are very reasonable and worth it.

Brooke L

The Boise pole buildings they build here are truly stunning. Ours was no exception. It is stunning in every way! We love the work they did.

Miranda M

We were unsure what the pole buildings Boise prices were and if they would meet our budget. The barn builders did such a great job at walking through pricing and detailing for us.

Hunter S

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We have barndominiums, pole barn kits, metal buildings, and steel buildings to help you get the job done. If you do not want to do the pole buildings kits by yourself we have shop builders to do the building for you.

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